Slovenian President Pahor nominates Janez Jansa for PM-designate

NEWS 26.02.2020 18:41
Source: Jure Makovec / AFP

Slovenian President Borut Pahor on Wednesday nominated Janez Jansa, the leader of the opposition Slovenian Democratic Party, as Prime Minister-designate.

Pahor confirmed this at a joint press conference with Jansa after their hour-long meeting. His decision followed the resignation of Marjan Sarec as Prime Minister last month.

“I am pleased that the period of political uncertainty after the resignation of Marjan Sarec was relatively short,” Pahor told the press in the Presidential Palace, citing the importance of stability for the country.

Jansa, who is yet to be confirmed by parliament, said that the government which his party would form with another three parties as coalition partners, would be in office for two years as regular elections are scheduled for 2022.

Jansa, who had served as prime minister twice already, said that the new coalition was agreed that the new government should concentrate on priority issues. He noted that Slovenia was “condemned” to coalition governments and compromise solutions because of its election system.

Speaking of challenges facing the country, he mentioned problems in the healthcare system, environmental protection, care for the elderly, and decentralisation of government.

His nomination will be put to a vote in parliament next week, most likely on Tuesday. He will require the votes of at least 46 out of 90 members of parliament to be confirmed. If so, it will then take up to four weeks for ministerial nominees to pass vetting by parliamentary committees.