Komsic extends congratulations to Milanovic, hopes for improvement of relations

NEWS 19.02.2020 11:39
Source: FENA

Zeljko Komsic, the Chairman of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, congratulated Zoran Milanovic on the official inauguration for the new President of the Republic of Croatia, expressing hope that the two countries will continue building their cooperation for the benefit of their citizens and that everyone in the region will work together towards friendly relations.

“Your excellency, on this occasion I’m extending the sincere congratulation on your inauguration as the President of the Republic of Croatia, on behalf of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and my own behalf. I am convinced that the relations and cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia, two neighbouring and sovereign countries, will continue developing for our mutual benefit and the benefit of our citizens,” said the note. 

“In the period ahead of us, we can contribute together in the region to the safety and prosperity as well as the improvement of friendly relations,” he added.

The Presidency Chairman also expressed the belief that Milanovic’s appointment and Croatian Presidency of the European Union will together create the prerequisites for Croatia’s stronger support to Bosnia’s meeting of the conditions set in the European Commission’s Opinion on the country’s membership application.