Kurti: Reciprocity instead of taxes on Serbia’s goods; Osmani: complex topic

Source: N1

Kosovo’s newly elected Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on Wednesday that “complete reciprocity” would replace the 100 percent import duties on goods from Serbia and Bosnia, adding his cabinet would work on “the principle of constructive relations,” the Beta news agency reported.

After meeting the European Union’s chief in Kosovo Natalija Apostolova, Kurti said that “we never put Serbia and Bosnia at the same place for historical and current reasons,” but did not elaborate.

“Even those who did not vote for us can agree with us on the issue of reciprocity,” Kurti said.

Apostolova refused to comment on the idea but said the EU was clear in demanding the lifting of the tariffs and that it was interested in the resumption of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on the normalisation of relations.

In the meantime, Kosovo’s Parliament Speaker Vjosa Osmani said that the replacement of the tariffs with the reciprocity was “a complex topic which seeks a thorough study.”

She warned that the reciprocity could endanger the 33 agreements between Belgrade and Pristina already reached in Brussels.