PM: HDZ-led government has achieved its goals

NEWS 19.01.2020 16:14
Source: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP / ilustracija

Prime Minister and HDZ party leader Andrej Plenkovic said at an event marking the 30th anniversary of the party's branch in Split on Saturday that his government had achieved its goals and that Croatia today was a better country than four years ago.

“Four years ago, when the party membership supported our mission to restore voters’ trust in the strongest Croatian party, we had several clearly defined goals and we have achieved them all, despite attempts to weaken or destablise us,” Plenkovic said, adding that Croatia today was a better country, with sound economic development.

He stressed that his government had shown how the dignity of the Homeland War should be protected.

“Improving the status of Croatian defenders, the army and police is part of our policy,” said Plenkovic, whose address was interrupted several times by party members’ applause.

Plenkovic underlined the importance of the stability of the parliamentary majority, noting that the government had stayed on its course.

“We have stayed on our course with those MPs and parties that have said that they share the goals of our government. We have even made some steps to develop cooperation with parties that do not share our worldview. I am aware that that is not easy, living with that and defending oneself from possible dissatisfaction, but there are no other reserve pools of MPs and votes,” said Plenkovic while explaining the HDZ’s coalition with the Croatian People’s Party (HNS).

Commenting on current developments on the political scene in Croatia, he recalled that “protest movements are not present only in Croatia but all around Europe.”

“They channel messages of some of our citizens who feel excluded and dissatisfied and who do not see the benefits of reforms,” he said, adding that protest movements in Croatia were possibly prompted by crime and corruption at the local level and a wish for greater involvement of state institutions.

“Those tasks are ahead of us,” he said.

The gathering in Split was also addressed by Split County head Blazenko Boban and Split Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara, who both expressed support for Plenkovic’s policy.