Bosniak leader congratulates Croatian President on election victory

Source: N1

Bosniak leader and head of the Democratic Action Party (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic congratulated on Tuesday the newly elected President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic on his election, adding that it is not too late to fix relations between the two neighbouring countries.

“I congratulate you on winning the presidential election and wish you much success in the role of the President of the Republic of Croatia. Good relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia are of utmost importance for both our two countries and the entire region,” Izetbegovic said. “I believe that a frank and open dialogue between the institutions of Bosnia and Croatia on all outstanding issues, on the principles of mutual respect, reciprocity and respect for international law, could significantly improve the relations between the two countries during your term in office.”

Izetbegovic noted that the dialogue has been lacking in the past, despite efforts by the Bosnian side to reach it.

“I am convinced that you have a strong partner in Bosnian institutions for this dialogue,” he said.

The Bosniak leader also emphasized Bosnia’s gratefulness to Croatia for supporting its European and NATO path as a mutual strategic interest, adding that, despite numerous challenges, the link between the two countries remained strong.