Work permit quota for foreigners set at 78,470 in 2020

NEWS 22.11.2019 11:26
Source: N1

The Croatian government on Friday decided that during 2020 it would be possible to issue 78,470 work permits for foreigners in 2020.

The quota includes new employment of foreigners, seasonal employment, transfer of workers within a company and employment for strategical investment projects.

The new employment quota stands at 64,604 permits.

Broken down by sectors, construction can hire 33,300 foreigners, tourism and hospitality service can count on 18,370 permits, the transport sector 2,904, metal industry 2,300, food industry 1,410, agriculture and forestry 1,380 and so on.

Some 12,770 permits are expected for seasonal workers with 12,000 intended for tourism and hospitality and 770 in agriculture and farming.

A quota of 96 permits a year are expected for redistribution of employees within companies and 1,000 for the implementation of strategic investments projects.

Today’s government decision enables an increase and redistribution of quotas in tourism and hospitality as well as in the construction sector by a maximum 5,000 permits depending on needs and the developments on the labour market.

The annual quota to extend already issued permits amounts to 25,000.