Most common reasons for quitting a job: low wage, poor work environment – survey

NEWS 18.11.2019 17:09
Source: Pixabay

A survey conducted in Croatia has shown that the most common reasons for quitting a job are a low wage, bad working conditions, lack of prospects for advancement and negative relations with superiors.

The survey, conducted among 1,600 respondents by the MojPosao job search website, also revealed other reasons why employees quit their jobs, including working overtime, disagreement with company management, better offers by other employers, boredom at the workplace, wrongdoing by employers and insufficient independence in job performance.

Of the 1,600 respondents, four in five have so far quit their job at least once in their careers.

On average, after four years of service with one employer, “disgruntled” employees start searching for new employment.

Respondents said that generally they did not make rash decisions when leaving their employment.

Every fourth respondent said they had spent a month thinking about leaving their job before actually giving notice.

One fifth of those polled said they had needed six months before finally deciding to quit their job.

On the other hand, a mere 7% of respondents said they had decided to leave their job on the spur of the moment and immediately offered their resignation.

Almost every second respondent had consulted their family before quitting their job, 44% had consulted their partners, and 28% their friends.

Every one in five respondents had made this decision on their own.

At the time of tendering their resignation, 34% of respondents already had arrangements for e new job, 32% were seeking new employment, while 17% did not think about their next step.

In half of the cases, employers demanded that leaving workers stay during the notice period.

In two thirds of cases, leaving workers and employers ended their business relationship on good terms.