Public sector unions seek 3+3+3 percent wage increase

NEWS 11.11.2019 11:31
Source: Ilustracija

After meeting with the government's negotiation team on Monday, president of the MHS association of trade unions Vilim Ribic stated that public sector unions are seeking a 3+3+3 percent increase of the base wage and a higher Christmas bonus during the negotiations on a supplement to the basic collective agreement.

Negotiations resumed on Monday in the Ministry of Labour and Pension System between government and union representatives over the basic collective agreement for public sector workers.

Ribic said that the unions are seeking an increase of the base wage next year on the principle of 3+3+3 percent.

“We asked for increasing the Christmas bonus to HRK 2,500, increasing the budget base to HRK 5,000 and that Christmas allowances for children be increased from HRK 500 to HRK 600. We agreed to detect together how much salaries in the public sector are lagging behind other sections of society,” Ribic said.

An analysis of that should be completed by the next meeting between the unions and the government. If it is proved that salaries in the public sector are 18.3% lower than in the real sector, as the unions are claiming, that analysis will serve as common stance by the government and unions that it is necessary to remove the wage gap between the public sector in relation to other segments in society.

Radeka: Striking unions waiting for call from government

Ribic confirmed to reporters that the meeting did not discuss an increase of the job complexity index. He does not believe that the government will ban the ongoing strike in schools and hopes that it will offer a coherent solution.

“It is necessary to find a solution so that people who are on strike are not offended and humiliated. They have to be given some sort of satisfaction while, on the other hand, the government need not be a loser,” Ribic said.

The president of the Grand Council of the Independent Union in Science and Higher Education, Igor Radeka, said that education unions were still waiting for the government’s invitation to negotiations.

After a meeting last Tuesday, union representatives said that they expected the government to make on offer regarding union demands this Monday. Radeka recalled that the government had asked for a time-out, but the unions have still not received any invitation to a new meeting.

Branimir Mihalinec of the Independent Union of Secondary School Employees said earlier that the strike in primary and secondary schools was continuing. The rotating strike continued today in schools in Split-Dalmatia and Pozega-Slavonia counties.