Union to stage one-day strike at tertiary education institutions on Thursday

NEWS 23.10.2019 18:21
Source: N1

The secretary-general of the independent union in science and higher education Vilim Ribic on Wednesday announced that the union would stage a one--day strike at all tertiary education institutions, demanding a wage increase for non-teaching staff, lecturers and artistic assistants.

“The strike tomorrow will be in universities, colleges, faculties, higher education facilities, institutes and infrastructure institutions, including the National and University Library,” Ribic said.

Strike in bid to ensure higher pay for non-teaching staff, lecturers and artistic assistants

Ribic underscored that they are striking specifically for three categories of employees in the science and higher education system – non-teaching staff who account for about 40% of employees at universities; lecturers of whom there are about 700 to 800; and about a score of artistic assistants at universities.

Ribic called on science and teaching staff, assistants and associates at universities to join the strike in a sign of solidarity for their colleagues and teachers in the school system.

He is convinced that there will be a good turnout to tomorrow’s industrial action.

He announced that another strike could be held next Wednesday depending on how circumstances unfold and the plan is to strike once a week.

The unions are demanding a 6.11% increase of the wage index for non-teaching staff and for the wage index for assistants to be put on par with lecturers which will require HRK 40 million a year, Ribic said.

Plenkovic is incorrectly informed

Ribic commented on a statement by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic in Brussels that the increase would require HRK 200 million, saying that the prime minister has been wrongly informed. “Education unions are seeking HRK 400 million while the government’s financial potential is HRK 47 billion. Education unions are seeking ten percent of that potential and we are seeking one percent,” Ribic explained.