Kosovo’s Kurti says he does not want to see tariffs revoked

Source: N1

Vetevendosje leader Albin Kurti told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Tuesday that he does not want the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods revoked.

“I really do not want the tariffs revoked but I would prefer a policy of full reciprocity. Serbia does not allow our license plates nor products whose declaration says Made in Kosova. That is absurd and as long as products with our labels are not allowed in Serbia we should not allow the sale of products from Serbia,” he said. Vetevendosje won the largest number of votes at Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Kosovo but can’t form a government on its own.  

Kurti said he does not agree to any political trade-offs which would grant Kosovo a liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union in return for a decision to revoke the tariffs.

He said that the “unfortunate idea of an exchange of territory between Serbia and Kosovo was taken off the table” thanks to the tariffs. He said that Kosovo is a state trapped by its judiciary, police, secret services and some entrepreneurs, adding that it has to combat crime and corruption, which he said he is prepared to do, to improve its image in the world.

The Vetevendosje leader said Pristina needs the support of the international community in that battle and warned that corrupt politicians are prepared to do anything to keep their wealth intact.