Minister: Young people are responding well to subsidised housing loans

NEWS 26.09.2019 13:13
Source: Unsplash / ilustracija

Construction and Physical Planning Minister Predrag Stromar said on Thursday that young people had recognised his ministry's measure to subsidise housing loans and that first-time real estate buyers considered that assistance important as 2,236 applications for subsidies had arrived in the past two weeks.

Considering numerous requests by young families to prolong the deadline for the submission of applications, the deadline will be extended until October 4, the minister said, adding that all who submit valid documents will be given subsidies while those who have not managed to find an appropriate house or flat this year will be able to apply for subsidised housing loans in March and September 2020.

“I call on young people to join thousands of those who have solved their housing issue with the help of subsidised loans. Those figures mean thousands of young people who now have their own home and are starting their own families. They are Croatia’s future,” Stromar said in a statement.

The duration of subsidies for housing loans is extended by an additional two years for every newborn or adopted child during the period subsidies are received and by one year per child for families who already have children when applying for a subsidised housing loan.