Croatian family doctors advocate obligatory periodic checkups for drivers

NEWS 13.08.2019 10:22
Source: Pixabay (ilustracija)

The KoHOM federation of family doctors on Monday stated that it would advocate the introduction of periodic checkups for drivers whereby those aged below 65 will be required to pass medical exams every ten years and those above 65 every five years.

The federation also called on its members to report to the police offices any change in the health conditions of their patients that may affect their driving ability.

The statement with the proposal for obligatory periodic medical examinations ensued after on 11 July this year, a man who was driving under the influence of illegal drugs caused a traffic accident in which a three-member Hungarian family was injured. The three-member Dobrenov family were seriously injured at a toll gate on the A4 motorway near Sveta Helena when the BMW driven by the drug-addict ran into them at high speed.

Several days after the accident, the office of the family doctor whose patient was the driver was searched by the police as part of an investigation into the crash.

This prompted the federation of family doctors to recall that the legislation on traffic safety envisages that doctors are obliged to report to the police any case of inability of drivers-patients to drive safely when this inability is detected during a medical checkup or during treatment of the patient.

The legislation, however, does not specify exactly which medical conditions should be reported, which puts family doctors in a difficult position, underscores KoHOM, citing a long list of medical conditions that may theoretically be regarded as risks for safe driving.

KoHOM, therefore, proposes systematic screening for unsafe driving due to medical conditions.