Analyst Vogel for N1: Plenkovic a competitive candidate for EC President

NEWS 30.06.2019 12:55
Source: N1

Appointment of German conservative politician Manfred Weber at the helm of European Commission would be a surprise, according to analyst Toby Vogel, who claims that Croatia's Andrej Plenkovic is a competitive candidate for the post.

Speaking for N1 on the day when the European Commission (EC) will get new leadership, the analyst said that Weber would be a weak candidate. He also mentioned France’s Michel Barnier, the main person in the Brexit negotiating team who, stands a good chance but, according to Vogel, someone from France is not likely to get this post.

The new EC President, he said, will probably be a compromise solution. 

As for Andrej Plenkovic, the analyst noted that Croatian Prime Minister would be excellent both for the European Commission President and President of the European Council.

“He is a competent politician who knows Europe very well,” said Vogel, analyst of the Democratisation Policy Council.

Watch the full interview in the video below: