Minister: No serious intention by Chinese to take over 3. Maj dock

NEWS 21.06.2019 14:40
Source: N1

Economy Minister Darko Horvat has said there is no serious intention by the biggest Chinese shipbuilding company to purchase or enter into a strategic partnership in the 3. Maj shipyard and that he was seeking a way for ships currently at the dock to be completed and delivered.

Horvat made the statement after a business conference in the Slovenian town of Mokrice organised by the SLO CRO Business Club, to mark Croatia’s and Slovenia’s Statehood Days.

“At the moment there is no serious intention by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation – CSIC, China’s largest shipbuilder, to purchase or to enter into a strategic partnership in 3. Maj, which is still part of the Uljanik Group,” Horvat said when asked by reporters whether the Chinese had responded in any way concerning the 3. Maj dock, considering the fact that a bankruptcy hearing is scheduled to July 4.

On the other hand he said that he had information which goes in favour of what he has been saying for the past month and that is that there are serious intentions by the Chinese partner to enter joint projects together with the Zagreb-based Brodarski shipbuilding institute.

Reporters asked Horvat whether the state might enter into 3. Maj with government money to which Horvat answered that they were looking for a legal way to enable those ships that are at the dock and half-way to being completed to indeed by finished and delivered.

“I’m certain that the model will be in accordance with Croatian and European legislation and that in a few days’ time, and certainly before the next hearing, it will be presented to the management at 3. Maj itself and the unions and Croatian institutions,” he said.

He commended the European Commission for its cooperation and understanding for the problems in the Croatian shipbuilding sector which the EC has shown during the negotiations that have continued over the past year.

“At the moment there are no obstacles and we want the proposed model that we will have on the cards, which I am certain, will be during next week, will be in accordance with Croatia legislation and that it won’t go against the Commission’s guidelines and directives,” said Horvat.

Law on suppressing abuse of unemployment rights nearing completion

Asked about quotas for foreign workers next year considering that employers believe that workers registered with the Employment Service are unusable, Horvat recalled that a “radical” step has been made in that regard with almost 20,000 new jobs filled with foreign workers.

He said that Labour and Pension Minister Marko Pavic was preparing a legislative framework in which everyone will be offered an adequate job and if they refuse, they will lose their right to the dole and after they are struck from the register they will not be able to reregister for a certain period.

Horvat believes that the preconditions are being established in which about 100.000 or so currently unemployed people will in the very near future be able to find a job.

He added that scholarships in secondary education for those jobs on demand would increase by 100% as of the next school year.

He announced a possible rise of 300% in grants for entrepreneurs who wish to be included in the process of creating a quality labour force for their needs. It will be possible to absorb EU structural funds for entrepreneurs to compensate the cost of creating such a labour force.