Zagreb to build a monument to victims of Holocaust

NEWS 24.05.2019 13:26
Source: Pixabay (ilustracija)

Zagreb will erect a monument to the victims of the Holocaust, if the City Assembly approves the proposal, in memory of the six million Jews killed, with the message that the past must not be repeated.

Mayor Milan Bandic put the proposal on the agenda of a session scheduled for June 4. According to the proposal, the monument, the work of sculptor Dalibor Stosic and architect Kresimir Rogina, whose submission won first prize, will be erected in Branimirova street in the city centre and financed from the city budget.

The monument will have the shape of a wall of suitcases with strong associations to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It will consist of a 12 x 24 m dark grey concrete monolith, 35 cm thick and raised 5 cm above a walking surface. The concrete will be engraved with Stars of David across each other and going in all directions.