Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro sign tri-border point protocol


Government officials of Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro signed a tripoint border protocol in Sarajevo on Wednesday, in what is seen as a step forward in adopting border regulation in line with international law.

The protocol was signed by Bosnia’s Civil Affairs Minister Adil Osmanovic, Serbia’s Interior Ministry Secretary-General Veljko Odalovic, and Montenegro’s State Secretary of Interior Ministry Dragan Pejanovic.

Odalovic and Pejanovic agreed with Osmanovic saying that “the protocol is a true step forward in regulating border issues in line with rules and principles of the international law.”

He agreed with Serbian and Montenegrin representatives that solving border issue is a priority for the Western Balkans countries and their EU accession process.

Pejanovic noted that this signing is a confirmation of good neighbourly relations between the three countries. Odalovic pointed out that Serbia’s absolute foreign policy priority is solving open regional issues and regional cooperation. Both Odalovic and Osmanovic said they hope the talks between Bosnia and Serbia regarding border issues would intensify soon.

The agreement means that the tripoint, marking the place where the three countries’ borders meet, will for the first time be precisely defined and marked, on the spot where Bosnia’s Djakovici/Zaborak, Serbia’s Socica, and Montenegro’s Povlace municipalities touch, at a place called Zelena Glava (“Green Head”).