Danish politician: 'Yes it's me on Pornhub'

NEWS 15.05.2019 13:34
Source: (ilustracija)

A Danish politician has found a unique way to find voters - by taking out an advertisement on PornHub. In an off-color ad seen on the porn-streaming site, Joachim B. Olsen, a center-right Liberal Alliance party MP, told users to go "vote for Jokke" once they were done with the site's services. "Jokke" is a nickname for Joachim.

In a Facebook post, Olsen confirmed that the unconventional campaign was indeed his.

“Yes, it’s me on Pornhub,” he said, adding that the message was a playful one, which he hoped would get people to laugh.

Olsen, a former Olympic shot putter now standing in the country’s upcoming general election in June, said while he realized that the streaming porn site was an unusual place to campaign, it was one that had potential.

Speaking to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) on Sunday, Olsen said, “You have to go out everywhere, and then we thought it might be fun to make an ad on Pornhub.”

“Half of the internet is porn. And you have to be where the voters are. On a porn site too,” he told DR.

According to the website’s self-reported statistics, Pornhub receives 100 million visits every day, and users from Denmark are its 28th highest source of traffic to the site, perhaps over-representing the 5.8 million nation which is outside of the world’s top 100 countries by population. Nearly three-quarters of Pornhub’s Danish users are men.

Olsen told DR that while his campaign is “95 percent serious,” there was room for what he called a “fun feature.”

He acknowledged that the ad had sparked outrage among some people, a consequence he described as inevitable.

Danish voters will head to the polls on June 5.

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