Elections for ethnic minorities councils in Croatia to be held Sunday

NEWS 04.05.2019 13:45
Source: Ilustracija

While Croatia is in the middle of the campaign for the May European Parliament elections, another elections in Croatia on Sunday, when members of 14 registered ethnic minorities, almost 255,000 voters, will elect national minority councils.

Members of 14 ethnic minorities are eligible to elect 352 members of minorty councils and 109 representatives. Councils will be elected in 19 counties, the City of Zagreb, 68 towns and 108 municipalities. Representatives are elected in 19 counties, the City of Zagreb, 34 towns and one municipality.

Councils representing an ethnic minority are set up in local communities in which the pertaining minority makes up at least 1.5% of the local population, or if there are more than 200 members of an ethic minority in a municipality or town or more than 500 members in an area of a county.

The president of the ethnic minority council, Aleksanadar Tolnauer, has called on all ethic minorities in Croatia to go to the polls on Sunday, stressing that it was exceptionally important for their voice to be heard.