Serbia’s ruling party releases sandwich-making video

NEWS 16.04.2019 10:46
Source: YouTube/Српска напредна странка

President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has released a video of its officials making sandwiches for the rally in Belgrade on Friday, April 19.

The video, released on the SNS YouTube channel, shows two party officials making the sandwiches and inviting people to the rally.

The video was released in response to opposition taunts that SNS activists and followers are “sandwich eaters” being bussed in for the rally. SNS activists and followers are allegedly given sandwiches on the buses which bring them in for rallies by the president across Serbia. There are also claims of per diems allegedly being paid and people being forced to attend rallies. 

In the video, SNS official Darko Glisic says that the party does not care what people call them because they “know the truth” and goes on to claim that the economy, health care, the education system, infrastrucure are “better and stronger than every”in Serbia.

The video ends with a call to attend Vucic‘s Future of Serbia campaign rally in Belgrade.