TIH calls for ensuring conditions for quality journalism in Croatia

NEWS 02.03.2019 16:00
Source: N1

The nongovernmental organisation Transparency International Croatia (TIH) supported the protest rally organised by journalists in Zagreb on Saturday, saying in a statement that it was necessary to ensure conditions for quality journalism "which does not exist in Croatia today."

Journalists must feel secure in performing their profession. Above all, they must have employment contracts so they can be independent and free in doing their work responsibly. Low pay and job insecurity force them to neglect their profession for the benefit of media owners,” TIH said.

It warned that journalism in Croatia today “is reduced to marginalising important social topics” because journalists are mostly forced to report on political showdowns and criminal cases which are then discussed for days.

“Day-to-day reporting on these negativities has led to the increased discontent of the public and to a decline of their confidence in political institutions and politicians and in their future in their own country,” TIH said.