Croatia's economic sentiment deteriorates in January compared to December 2018

NEWS 30.01.2019 21:00
Source: Pixabay

Expectations in Croatia's economy deteriorated markedly in January compared to December 2018 under the influence of significantly worse services confidence, showed a European Commission report issued on Wednesday.

In January 2019, Croatia’s Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) fell to 112.1 points from 114.3 where it stood in December 2018, under revised calculations.

Services confidence decreased by 4.8 points to 17.1 in the same period, while industry confidence decreased by 1.4 points to 10.2, and consumer confidence by 1.3 points to -7.3.

On the other hand, retail confidence jumped 5.9 points to 13.7, and construction confidence rose 2.2 points to 17.1.

In the European Union, the ESI fell 1.4 points to 106.1 in January 2019 compared to the month before. Industry confidence dropped 2.2 points to 0.6, services confidence fell by 0.5 points and retail confidence by 0.8 points.

Construction and consumer confidence across the EU remained the same as in December 2018.

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