Six unnamed companies reportedly visited Uljanik shipbuilding group's data room

NEWS 25.01.2019 15:57
Source: N1

The Uljanik shipbuilding group's CEO, Emil Bulic, said on Friday afternoon that a total of six companies had visited Uljanik's data room which was open to potential investors for due diligence until January 24, with the deadline for their potential bids expiring on Friday evening.

Upon the expiry of the deadline at 8 pm local time, it will be known which of the interested companies have offered their bids, Bulic said, and added that based on the current developments and bids received, he did not want to say anything more specific to “give any false hope.”

“Let us wait until 8 pm to see how serious these bids are,” he said.

The company’s supervisory board is due to convene on Friday evening, and it is supposed to consider the bids received in the coming days.

Bulic said that company management would insist that the Pula-based Uljanik dock and the Rijeka-based 3. Maj dock remain together as part of the Uljanik Group, in the investment package offered to strategic partners.

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