Serbian, Bosnian products sold at dumping prices in Kosovo

Source: Ilustracija

An Albanian politician told Belgrade daily Danas that a large number of products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are being sold in Kosovo at dumping prices in violation of Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) rules.

Social Democrat Party MP Dardan Seidiu said that many of those imported products, especially food, were sold at below production cost prices in violation of Kosovo’s anti-dumping laws, while products from Kosovo face a number of non-customs barriers preventing them from gaining access to Serbia’s market.

Seidiu chairs the Kosovo Parliament’s economic development committee.

He said that the authorities in Serbia and Bosnia refuse to communicate at bilateral level to resolve the issue.

“The problem reaches all the way to public procurement because companies from Kosovo can’t legally compete in tenders in Serbia but on the other hand, there are more than 100 tenders in Kosovo at which Serbian companies have been given jobs. Kosovo can’t develop its transport industry because it’s trucks are not allowed to transit through Serbia on the way to European Union markets,” the MP said.

Earlier this month, Kosovo introduced 100 percent tariffs on imports from Serbia and Bosnia, which triggered harsh condemnation of officials in these two countries. They said Kosovo breached the CEFTA regulations and urged the European Commission to help in solving this problem.

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