Croatia's September 2018 average net salary €834

NEWS 26.11.2018 13:38
Source: Morgue File (Ilustracija)

Average net salary in September 2018 in Croatia was 6,195 kuna (€834), up 2.6 percent year-on-year, the state statistics bureau said on Monday. However, compared to August 2018, the average net salary was down by 1.9 percent.

By sector, the highest average net salaries were in air transport – 10,169 kuna (€1,369) – while the lowest was in personal services – 4,028 kuna (€542).

The median net salary was 5,100 kuna, meaning half of all employed earned less, and the other half more than that.

In terms of gross salaries, the average gross salary in September was 8,361 kuna, which is 2.5 percent down from August, but 3.3 percent higher compared to September 2017.

(€1 = 7.43 kuna)

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