Stromar expects agencies to investigate missing file case

NEWS 06.10.2018 16:57
Source: Ilustracija

Deputy Prime Minister Predrag Stromar said on Saturday he expected the law enforcement authorities to fully investigate circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a case file on Deputy Parliament Speaker and deputy leader of the ruling HDZ party Milijan Brkic concerning a 2011 police investigation into an elite prostitution ring.

“This is a matter for the police and the DORH (State Attorney’s Office). This all reminds me of the Godfather trilogy. I and citizens of Croatia would not want to live in scenes from that film. That’s why I expect the DORH and police to carry out a thorough analysis. I am confident they will do everything properly and that we will have the actual facts. After they make a complete analysis, we politicians will be able to comment then,” Stromar said in response to questions from the press during a visit to the northwestern city of Varazdin.

Asked whether this case was about a conflict within the HDZ, Stromar said he would not want to interfere in any conflicts in other parties, adding that he had confidence in the coalition between the HDZ and his HNS.

He stressed that early elections would not be good because the government needed stability. “They would not be good for the sake of stability and projects that we are implementing. But if they are held, we will be ready.”