The 'Grabovica File' play calls for love and respect

NEWS 30.09.2018 10:50
Source: N1

The “Grabovica File” is a play starred by young actors from the Mostar Youth Theatre (MYT), led by Sead Djulic. The play deals with a war crime committed by members of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (RBiH) Army against Croat civilians from Grabovica.

The goal of the play is to spread love and respect among peoples, but also to call for the punishment of all those responsible for war crimes.

“I think it’s much more moral and fair to speak of the evil committed by some members of the people which I belong to, and by some members of the Army which I was a member of, in this time and circumstances in the country. They had done that on my behalf, and I just can’t accept that,” Sead Djulic, MYT art director told N1.

The crime in Grabovica happened in the night between September 8 and 9, 1993, during the Bosnian war (1992-1995), when members of the RBiH Army killed 33 Croat civilians, the youngest of which was four and the oldest victim was 87 years old.

The MYT wanted to explore this subject artistically and to hear the testimonies and investigate all the documents concerning this crime. The project provoked both admiration and astonishment.

According to Djulic, Grabovica is a metaphor for the countless innocent victims because the goal of the play was not to recreate the events from that night. He is proud of all the actors who agreed to star in it and who gladly work on the ply.

“I think the play is the solution for the gaping wound in the city of Mostar and it has a huge potential to be the solution for those able to understand it in the right way,” Edina Delalic, a member of the MYT told N1.

“The more we worked on the play, the more we realised how important the play is and I do think this was a good idea because I believe the audience should know more about this subject because this should never be forgotten,” Anamaria .alpeza, also an MYT member, told N1.

The theatre, which now counts 50 members, always has room for more members, regardless of their nationality. The only criterion is the artistic one.

The premiere performance will be held on October 6th in Mostar.