29 migrants discovered in Bosnia near Kamensko crossing

Source: N1

Police officers from Bosnia's Canton 10 had discovered 29 migrants near the city of Livno in southwest Bosnia, after receiving information from a resident that a number of individuals were seen near the Kamensko border crossing with Croatia.

Livno police officers determined that these were young adults with four children, mostly from Iran and Iraq who were handed over to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs office in Livno, who then moved them to the Salakovac migrant centre near Livno.

A day earlier, Bosansko Grahovo police in western Bosnia had discovered four migrants from Libya and Palestine who were registered as asylum seekers. They said they came into Bosnia with the intent of heading to Western Europe.

Over 13,000 illegal migrants were reported with the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of this year.

Bosnia emerged as a new migrant route after the European Union countries closed their borders and has been dealing with the influx of migrants on their way to Western Europe. Besides the lack of border police officers, who would control the state border, the country also lacks capacities to accommodate the migrants.

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