Finance Minister Zdravko Maric: I did not lie to anyone

NEWS 23.08.2018 12:13
Source: N1

N1 television exclusively published the contents of transcripts of depositions former Economy Minister Martina Dalic, former state administrator at Agrokor, Ante Ramljak, and Dalic's advisor Zoran Besak, given to investigators for Croatia's anti-corruption police Uskok. Finance Minister Zdravko Maric commented on the transcripts on Thursday.

“I haven’t seen the entire transcript, all I can say is that the state prosecutor’s office had already dismissed the charges filed regarding that topic, so that topic is closed,” Finance Minister Zdravko Maric told reporters asking him to comment on the transcripts of statements given to Uskok, which show that he attended more meetings related to the crisis at Agrokor than he had previously claimed in a hearing of the parliament’s Commission on the Conflict of Interest.

Maric was asked to comment on the transcripts showing that he invited consultant Tonci Korunic to join the working group on drafting Lex Agrokor, and that he himself played an advisory role for the whole group.

“In all the meetings I took part in – not only regarding that issue, but in any issue, including current affairs – my work is in the service of national interest and the interest of protecting tax payers,” Maric said.

Maric was also asked if he advised the working group on possible reactions by Agrokor’s CEO and owner Ivica Todoric?

“I won’t comment any more on this topic, I think I said everything in these two sentences and in my statements over the past few months. The state prosecutor dropped the charges,” Maric said.

Maric would not reply why didn’t he tell the Commission for Conflict of Interest that there had been more meetings about this?
“I said enough on that topic,” Maric said.

Maric was then asked directly if he lied to the Commission.

“You’re asking a very difficult question, I did not lie to anyone,” he added.

When reminded that he did not list all the dates of meetings at the hearing, Maric again repeated that the case was dismissed by investigators. Maric had told the Commission that he had attended only two meetings regarding Agrokor.

“I repeat once again, the case was dismissed, and in all the meetings I took part in I participated solely in order to defend economic and national interests of Croatia, and the interest of tax payers,” Maric said.

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