Croatia's motorways record 1.2 million vehicles past weekend

NEWS 20.08.2018 12:13
Source: Ilustracija

In Croatia's motorways there were 1.2 million vehicles registered during the last August 17-19 weekend, with each of the major roads in the country posting more traffic compared to the equivalent weekend last year, motorway management companies said.

The state-owned Hrvatske Autoceste (HAC) company – which manages most of Croatia’s motorways – and the separate Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb (ARZ) which manages the motorway between capital Zagreb and the northern port city of Rijeka – had the largest chunk of traffic, with 912,000 vehicles recorded, or 9 percent up from the corresponding period last year.

The revenue from tolls also increased, by 8.6 percent, to 49.6 million kuna (€6.7 million), VAT excluded, HAC said in their report.

The Zagreb-Macelj motorway, which stretches from Zagreb westwards towards Slovenian border, recorded 109,100 vehicles over the same period, or 2.5 percent up from last year. The record high was on Satrurday, August 18, with little over 40,000 vehicles, or 3 percent up from last year, while the biggest year-on-year increase was the day later, with 35,400 vehicles, or 3.6 percent up.

In the Istrian Y road traffic volume was almost 5 percent up from last year, with little over 168,700 vehicles over the three days.

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