Firefighters extinguish Istria wildfire

NEWS 12.08.2018 14:15
Source: Ilustracija

Two firefighting aircraft that belong to Croatia’s army, as well as 40 firefighters, extinguished on Sunday the first wildfire of this season that erupted in the Istra region, near the village Buja.

The head of the fire fighting brigade, Dino Kozlevac, said his men are still on the ground monitoring the area.  

Croatian soldiers joined firefighters in battling another blaze that has engulfed the pine forest around Lokva Rogoznica near the coastal town of Omis since Saturday morning.  

One of the pilots of the firefighting aircrafts, Ivica Markac, said that the Omis area is not quiet and stabile.  

“Smoke is still visible at certain spots,” the Captain said. “We have dropped six ‘water bombs’ and we will keep two aircraft there just in case,” he said.