6 Croatian hooligans expelled from Serbia after plea bargain

Source: RTS

Six out of 13 supporters of Hajduk FC from the Croatian coastal city of Split were expelled from Serbia after pleading guilty for vandalising a petrol station on a motorway near Belgrade last Thursday, Serbian state broadcaster RTS reported on Thursday.

The court confirmed the plea bargain, the Second Magistrate’s spokeswoman Irina Kovacevic told the Tanjug news agency.

The defendants were convicted to six months in prison, which was replaced with two years of suspended sentence and a three-year ban from entering Serbia.

The remaining seven fans of the Hajduk Split club, who were charged with theft, are still detained.

Several hundred supporters of the Hajduk Split football club from the Croatian coastal city of Split who had been travelling to Bulgaria had robbed a petrol station on the motorway near Serbian capital Belgrade, taking a large amount of alcohol from the station’s shop, and rolling over garbage bins and containers. They stole about 200,000 Serbian Dinars (€1,680) worth of goods, and left graffiti that included a symbol of Croatia’s Nazi puppet regime during World War II.

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