Belgrade court sets 30-day detention for Hajduk soccer fans

Source: Shutterstock

Belgrade High court sentenced 13 soccer fans of the Split Hajduk FC to 30 days in prison under suspicion of endangering the safety and robbing a petrol station on a motorway near the capital last Thursday, the Beta news agency reported.

The news about their detention came only 24 hours after the Misdemeanor Court in Belgrade sentenced 14 of the 27 arrested Hajduk Split supporters to 15 days in prison for the same crime.

The other 13 fans who were brought before the court have been acquitted, but will remain in police custody until the 48-hour detention order issued earlier expires.

The fans were punished for “inappropriate, rude, and wanton behaviour in a group,” Milan Marinovic, president of the Misdemeanor Court in Belgrade, said.

All the convicted fans have been sent to serve their sentences in Padinska Skela prison, outside Belgrade. They have the right to appeal.

The fans stole about 200,000 Serbian Dinars (€1,680) worth of goods from the petrol station in Belgrade’s Vrcin suburb on Thursday while on their way to Sofia for a game against local side Slavia.They were arrested on Friday on their way back from Bulgaria.