Izetbegovic: Bosnia has the right to open sea

Source: N1

A long chess game with Croatia awaits us, where the goal is not to stop the (Peljesac) bridge construction but to have access to the open sea, Bosnia’s Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegovic said, commenting the beginning of the Peljesac Bridge construction.

“Our response will not be a matter of some decisions which will be made in August or September, although we will take some steps which I won’t speak of at this moment. We’ll take those steps very soon,” Izetbegovic said.

The goal is not to stop the bridge construction.

“It will be a long chess game with Croatia, where our goal is not to stop the construction of that bridge. In no way is it our goal to do something against the interests of Croatia. Our goal is to defend our interests,” he clarified.

He also pointed out that Bosnia’s children and grandchildren have the right to access the open sea one day, which is guaranteed by the international law.

“We will fight for that right and we will win. We will defend the rights of this country. We only need a paper defining the border and an international corridor to the open sea. This can also be achieved after the bridge is fully constructed,” Izetbegovic added.

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