"Croats in Croatia and Bosnia, one people in two homelands"

NEWS 08.07.2018 16:04
Source: HDZ BiH

Bosnia’s Presidency members from among the Croat People Dragan Covic stayed in Zagreb where he said that the Croat people living in Bosnia and Croatia are one people, living in two homelands.

Covic attended a two-day event titled “Cultural and religious heritage of Bosnian Croats,” a Eucharistic celebration in the monastery-parish of the church of St. Mary of the Angel in Sesvetska Sopnica in Zagreb, after which traditional culture, dance and songs of Bosnian Croats were presented.

In his address, Covic said that this event was proof that Croats living in Bosnia and Croatia were one people living in two homelands and that events like these strengthen the unity among Croats. In spite of all the temptations, unity among Croats proved time and again that many things can be achieved.

The Holy Mass was led by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljic.