Record €216.6 million earmarked for employment in Croatia

NEWS 03.07.2018 19:07
Source: Ilustracija

Labour Ministry has a record 1.6 billion kuna (€216.6 million) at its disposal to implement an active employment policy, sufficient to employ almost 36,000 or 37,000 people, said Katarina Ivankovic-Knezevic, the ministry’s senior official, presenting the measures in the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) on Tuesday.

The measures, presented under the motto “Find a job in Croatia”, offer opportunities for self-employment and further training for those who work only during the tourist season, Ivankovic-Knezevic said.

Over the last two years we have recorded a significant amount of those who work only during the tourist season, and, for the rest of the year, they receive an allowance from the Employment Centre, which can be up to 4,000 kuna (€541.6) for the first three months, after which the amount is reduced, she said, adding that seniority, health, and pension contributions continue the entire time.

Regarding self-employment, statistics show that in the first five months of 2018 there was an increase in signed agreements of some 150 percent compared to last year. Despite great interest, almost half the applications were not approved due to unsatisfactory business plans.

The measures also aim to keep people in Croatia, with a project thanks to which some 3,800 women were employed as carers for 20,000 elderly and single households. This project, financed as part of the European Social Fund, aims to find employment for some 7,000 women by the end of summer.

A training programme for women has also been secured, said Ivankovic-Knezevic, adding that, in two years’ time, women who have undergone further education would be encouraged to find self-employment.

Several projects have been prepared to extend working hours for child care centres and the first kindergartens and child care centres will provide afternoon care as of autumn, she said.

(1 = 7.38 kuna)

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