State road companies to invest €486 million in 2018

NEWS 24.05.2018 11:45
Source: Ilustracija

The state-owned road management companies Hrvatske Ceste (HC) and Hrvatske Autoceste (HAC) plan to invest 2.95 billion kuna (€400 million) and 638.8 million kuna (€86 million) respectively into works on the construction and maintenance of Croatia's road network in 2018.

HC, which is in charge of managing nearly 6,900 kilometres of roads around the country, plans to spend 2.17 billion kuna on building and maintenance, including 1.2 billion kuna earmarked for the construction of new roads, said Transport Minister Oleg Butkovic on Thursday.

The highway management company HAC will spend 638.8 million kuna this year, including 228.7 million kuna on construction, 90.4 million kuna on regular maintenance works, and 319.6 million kuna on road repairs.

(€1 = 7.38 kuna)

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