Opposition leader: Early election the only way out

NEWS 10.05.2018 22:50
Source: N1 Hrvatska

Members of opposition parties, the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SDP), and the independent Most Party, commented today on the Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalic’s leaked emails about Agrokor.

Davor Bernardic, the leader of SDP, the largest opposition party, held a news conference today over the Deputy Prime Minister’s leaked emails.

“No one can deny any longer what has been clear to SDP for months, and that is that the law (on state appointed crisis management) was created only to gain profit. Finally, we have confirmation that Martina Dalic, and the government, were covering for the criminal activities in Agrokor. I call on the institutions to act in line with the law and look into everything. We are not calling for (Prime Minister) Plenkovic’s resignation, we are not even calling for Martina Dalic’s resignation, there is no need for that, everything is clear here. We demand prison sentences for those responsible, here and now,” Bernardic said.

“In any normal country, the entire government would resign over this”, he said, adding that the only way out was an early election.

The Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, said yesterday that Most, which was part of the ruling coalition at the time the law was created, knew everything what was happening, and gave their full consent to the Economy Minister’s consultations with private firms on certain provisions of the law.

“Most knew a lot, which is why we have eventually left the government, because we sensed that this process was going to be contaminated,” said Nikola Grmoja, Most MP, to N1.

“I had not seen the correspondence (between Martina Dalic and private brokerages) until Index.hr published it,” he said.
He said it was true Most insisted on the expert group which would analyse Agrokor’s finances.

“But how did the group which was supposed to analyse the financial state of Agrokor become the group which wrote the law? This is the question Martina Dalic, and the Prime Minister of course, should answer,” Grmoja said, adding that Most said back in April last year that the Prime Minister was covering for the crime in Agrokor, which, Grmoja said, he continues to do.

“Early election in autumn is very likely, the Prime Minister knows his parliament majority is unstable,” Grmoja said.

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