New transport bill to require Uber to sport taxi roof signs

Source: Ilustracija

Transport Minister Oleg Butkovic has put up for public discussion guidelines containing provisions of the new road transport bill, which is set to liberalise the taxi cab market, with one of the new rules requiring Uber cars to display clear exterior markings.

Ahead of the new law, Uber has formed centres for individual drivers to advise them on how to adjust to new regulations, the website Tportal reported on Wednesday. Among other provisions, by 2021 cars used by cab drivers would need to be seven years old at most, and after 2021 this rule would be tightened to a maximum of five years.

According to the proposed rules, all cars used for cab services, including Uber’s, would need to have a sign on their roof bearing the word Taxi, and on its doors the name and address of the legal entity or the person owning the business.

All cabs would need to have meters installed, unless the prices are set using an electronic application. Those with meters will have to put a clear price list next to it, visible to passengers.

Uber briefly commented by saying that they “welcome Croatian government’s efforts on the new road transport bill, and that the new law is an important step towards improving mobility in Croatian cities, allows more choice for customers.”

The public discussion on the new rules will last for the next 15 days, and during that period, any interested group or individual can put forward their suggestions or criticisms to the Ministry’s proposals.

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