Conference on cultural and creative education begins

NEWS 08.05.2018 19:06
Source: Zarko Basic/PIXSELL

The international conference, titled Culture and Creative Practices for a Better Education, and organised by the Culture Ministry with the support of the Science and Education Ministry and the Agency for Education, began on Tuesday in Zagreb's Mimara Museum, attracting Croatian and foreign experts.

“The conference shows to what degree we all recognise the importance of cultural and creative education and the development of cultural and creative practices in our society,” said the Culture Minister, Nina Obuljen-Korzinek.

The Croatian translation of the Cultural Awareness and Expression Handbook was presented at the conference by Maja Zrncic of the Culture Ministry and the head of the Dutch Cultural Participation Fund, Jan Jaap Knol. The handbook was first published in English in 2016 by the European Commission, as part of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC), a method of non-binding intergovernmental policy making that creates cooperation within EU in the field of culture.

The handbook stresses the importance of cultural knowledge, with assumption that a solid understanding of one’s own culture can be the basis for an open-minded attitude towards others and respect for diversity of cultural expression.

“It is important to provide opportunites for the education of young people who will enjoy art, better understand the context of contemporary society, and become confident, thoughtful people prepared to participate in, and contribute to, their society, and Europe as a whole,” said Obuljen-Korzinek.

World-renowned experts from Scotland, The Netherlands, France, and Austria are also taking part in the conference.

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