42 percent of Croatian judges rate themselves 10 out of 10

Source: Pixabay

In spite of the generally poor image of the judiciary in Croatia which is commonly considered slow and inefficient, Croatian judges seem to be happy with the environment they work in, and highly appreciate their own work, a recent poll showed.

According to research conducted by the European Networks of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ) which polled about 11,700 judges in 26 European countries, and which the President of the Supreme Court, Djuro Sessa, added to his parliament report on the state of judiciary, Croatian judges were very generous in self-assessing their own performance.

The poll included answers by 119 Croatian judges, who were asked to self-assess how good of a job they are doing on a scale from 1 to 10. The average score they gave themselves was 8.3, with 42 percent of them giving themselves a straight 10, and another 20 percent earning a 9, Vecernji List daily reported on Tuesday.

On the other hand, two percent of the judges polled gave themselves a zero. Although this translates to only two or three judges, it is unusual that a court judge would give themselves a zero for their efforts.

“I did not read the report, but you can always get individuals who do not take these things seriously. When you have got 119 of them – even if they are all judges – you can run into a few people who lack seriousness,” deputy chairman of the Croatian Judges’ Association, Marin Mrcela, told Vecernji List.

Although other countries also reported a handful of self-assessed zeroes, they only made up about one percent in the total number of judges polled, or half the share reported in Croatia.

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