Plenkovic speaks of the business climate in Croatia

NEWS 05.05.2018 18:10
Source: Ilustracija

After yesterday's meeting of the Croatian Democratic Union’s (HDZ) Central Board, a conference for mayors and heads of municipalities from the HDZ called "Local and Regional Self-Governance in Croatia – Reform, Finance and Development" in a place near Sibenik.

“The HDZ has a broader agenda, great support, the best infrastructure and an experienced membership, and I expect all of you to be even stronger and we are further engaged,” the party Leader and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said.

“Play the game and explain to people what we do, now is the time – there is no choice, no reconstruction of the Government and nothing can destabilize us,” he added.

He called for an additional engagement and suggestions to what could be corrected and further improved, HRT reports. He also spoke of the business climate in Croatia.

“The people who want to come to Croatia need to know what’s waiting for them, they shouldn’t be disappointed, they shouldn’t have to bribe someone, this is out of the question,” said Plenkovic.