Croatia announces tender procedure for 26 premises

NEWS 05.05.2018 15:57
Source: N1

A tender procedure for the lease of 26 business premises owned by the Republic of Croatia, located in Osijek and Vinkovci, has been announced, said the Drzavne nekretnine ltd, on Saturday.

Of the 26 business premises offered for rent, 25 are in Osijek, and one is in Vinkovci. Most of them are in attractive locations such as Zupanjska street (Downtown) and Kuhaca Street in Osijek, and other attractive locations, said the Drzavne nekretnine ltd.

The business premises, which are leased according to the “as is condition”, can be inspected May 14th to 21st, 2018 during the time specified by the tender.

The proposed business activities in the said premises range from hospitality, trade, office, service, and crafts activities to manufacturing and other activities. Initial rental prices range from HRK 289.00 to HRK 10.394,00 (EUR 30 – EUR 1,400), depending on the zone and the size of the space, and the sizes of the premises range from 14,00 to 146,00 square meters.

The deadline for the submission of written offers for leases is May 28th, 2018 by 12 am, and tenders are submitted to the company DRZAVNE NEKRETNINE d.o.o. in Zagreb, Planinska 1.

A lease agreement will be concluded with the most favourable bidders for a period of 5 years if they fulfil the conditions of the tender and offered the highest amount of rent.

In the last three tenders for the lease of business premises in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, there were 98 business premises at the offer, and 548 offers were received. Lease agreements were concluded for the most desirable 65 premises.

The emphasis is on a proactive approach, meaning the activation of state-owned vacant spaces, and the company expects to receive numerous offers.