Labour minister announces national pension system by 2020

NEWS 02.05.2018 20:20
Source: N1

"The minimum wage will be raised again, starting next year,” said the Labour and Pension Minister, Marko Pavic, today for N1.

The minister also said that the government would implement a national pension system by 2020.

“The requirement (to get the pension) will be the length of service under 15 years, and the amount to be paid out is still unknown,” Pavic said.

Under the current system, Croatians are entitled to state-funded pension only after recording 15 years of registered service in any full-time job, so the measure proposed would cover people who have registered shorter service times.

He added that raising the age of retirement to 67 was the decision of the previous government, and that it was already happening.

“We will not have a situation where people go from their job to the grave, or work themselves into the ground,” the minister said, adding that, according to the World Economic Forum, the Croatian pension system was the most generous in the world.

The minister also commented on yesterday’s International Workers’ Day celebration in Zagreb.

“I was there yesterday, I spoke to union leaders and heard their messages. I would like to remind that this government has done a lot in this area already, we raised the minimum wage twice, by 5 percent each time. Through our employment measures we work on the improving employment of marginalised groups, and I am especially proud of our programme for women,” Pavic said.

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