Croatian and Slovenian unions to cooperate in job creation

NEWS 26.04.2018 20:09
Source: N1

The Croatian Federation of Autonomous Trade Unions (SSSH) and the Slovenian Association of Free Trade Unions (ZSSS) signed on Thursday a joint declaration on quality jobs, as a beginning of active participation in the further development of an inclusive labour market and quality job creation.

The declaration was signed by the SSSH leader, Mladen Novosel, and his Slovenian counterpart Lidija Jerkic, as part of the 12 meeting of the two unions, held at the Bregana-Obrezje border crossing under the motto “Trade Unions Without borders.”

They said that EU countries with the best results in reducing unemployment and establishing sustainable social security systems had the most quality jobs.

Novosel called for an end to the rising trend of unstable and underpaid work. “We don’t agree that any job is a good job,” he said, adding that well-organised and functioning labour markets provided quality jobs, along with social inclusion and combating all forms of discrimination.

Jerkic said close cooperation between the trade unions was necessary because workers on both sides of the border were facing the same problems. Cooperation is all the more necessary as new forms of labour are putting workers in an even more dependent position, she concluded.

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