Court dismisses Strabag's complaint against tender

Source: Ilustracija

A Zagreb court dismissed Austrian construction company Strabag's complaint over the tender to build the Peljesac Bridge which asked for the project to be stopped. The ruling removed the last potential obstacle for the project to go forward.

Strabag had filed the court complaint and asked for a court injunction after the state’s tender commission (DKOM) dismissed their complaint to results of the January tender in which the contract to build the bridge was awarded to the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

Although the contract with CRBC was formally signed on Monday in Dubrovnik, construction work could have been halted if the court had decided to grant the injunction requested by Strabag, and would not be able to continue before Strabag’s lawsuit against DKOM is resolved, which might have prolonged the project by up to two years, Vecernji List daily reported on Thursday.

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