Croatia to meet criteria for Schengen Area by year's end

NEWS 13.04.2018 16:58
Source: N1

By the end of the year, Croatia would meet the technical criteria to enter the Schengen Area, said the Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic after meeting with Julian King, the European Commissioner for the Security Union, today in Zagreb.

Bozinovic and King discussed border surveillance and the implementation of the European directive on the use of passenger name record (PNR) data.

The motion on the implementation of the directive is on its second reading, and is expected to be passed by parliament in a week or so, said Bozinovic.

The collection and processing of PNR data is considered an important law enforcement tool, both within and outside EU, which allows prevention, detection, and investigation of terrorism and other forms of serious crime.

Including Croatia into the Schengen Information System in June 2017 was justified, because some 168 million views were recorded over the past seven months, with 8,000 “hits” identifying vehicles and people interesting from the security perspective, Bozinovic said, adding that Croatia was a famous tourist destination and its nine international airports needed to be subjected to the directive.

All this is sending a clear message that Croatia is on the right track to achieve a higher standard in protecting citizens and achieving the government’s strategic objectives, like entering the Schengen Area before the end of the year, Bozinovic said.

King said that the directive was a concrete example of cooperation which brings security benefits for all interested parties.