HAC to spend €6.8 million on severance for 300 lay-offs

Source: N1

Croatian state-owned motorway company Hrvatske Autoceste (HAC) have agreed 210 lay-offs so far, with another 90 jobs slated for termination this year, which will cost the company €6.8 million in severance pay.

Some of those laid off have already left the company while others will leave by end of March, from jobs mostly in administration, maintenance and payment departments, RTL reported on Wednesday.

HAC’s total workforce in March was 2,760 and is undergoing restructuring. According to RTL, the European Union issued a 2021 deadline for the company to introduce a distance payment system where cars would pay per kilometre of road travelled, and also a cashless form of payment.

In April, HAC plans to call a tender for consultants to advise on finding the optimal form these changes would take.