Catholic Church to be consulted for new abortion bill

NEWS 26.03.2018 12:21
Source: N1

Health Minister, Milan Kujundžić, commented on the new abortion bill that is in the works in his appearance in Novi Dan talk show on Monday (March 26).

In March 2017 Constitutional Court ruled to reject complaint against the current law filed by an anti-abortion group 26 years earlier. However, it ordered the existing law to be updated within two years, and the deadline should expire in March 2019.

“We began preparing the new bill by gathering experts. It is my opinion that life should be protected since inception, and I always speak in support of that, and on the other hand we must take into account all differing views, start a dialogue, and regulate this in the best way possible to ensure as few abortions as possible. The point is to have fewer abortions, not to pass a law that would result in a counter effect,” said Kujundžić.

Asked whether the new law would be more restrictive compared to the existing regulation, Kujundžić said he cannot know what “the (medical) profession and public debate would result in.”

“We will have measures in place for it (abortions) to happen as little as possible. For the mother to be protected, with safety provisions for her and the unborn child before she decides to have an abortion,” said Kujundžić.

Asked again if the new law would be more restrictive, Kujundžić replied that “everyone” would be involved in creating the new bill. “Everyone will be included in preparing the abortion bill, including the Catholic Church,” said Kujundžić.