A €27m project to rebuild embankments damaged in 2020 quake announced

NEWS 17.08.2022 17:37
Source: Nikola Cutuk/PIXSELL

"The Hrvatske Vode state water management company is systematically repairing the embankments damaged in the devastating 2020 earthquakes in Sisak-Moslavina County, and works worth 200 million kuna (€27 million) are under way in 15 locations,"state news agency Hina said on Wednesday.

The reconstruction works are progressing well, the Hrvatske Vode general director Zoran Djurokovic said on Wednesday while touring the construction site for the embankment on the right bank of the Kupa River near Krnjica in the Petrinja area.

The construction site was also visited by Sisak-Moslavina County Prefect Ivan Celjak and Elizabeta Kos of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

“The works in Petrinja area are worth 60 million kuna, we are reconstructing eight kilometers of embankment, and there are a total of 15 such construction sites worth 200 million kuna, said Djurokovic.

All works are planned to be completed until 15 May next year since funding from the Solidarity Fund is being used. Kos said that the earthquake damaged not only residential buildings but also infrastructure, and damage was also caused by erosion and landslides.

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has reported all that damage to the Solidarity Fund, and we have 555 million kuna at our disposal, with all funds contracted. “We believe we will spend them by 15 May 2023,” said Kos. In Petrinja alone, the damage to water supply and drainage amounts to HRK 160 million, and works have been contracted with public water service providers, she added.

Asked by the press how the drought affected the water supply, Djurokovic said that drought was always a threat to water supply but that the situation in Croatia was under control. “Although the water level of the River Sava is also very low, this does not cause problems for pumping stations in the Zagreb area,” he added.

“Therefore, we have available capacities for further development of water supply, so there will be no problems,” he said.

As for the water supply in other parts of the country, he noted the situation was also under control. “Even in the Adriatic area, there are no special reductions despite the large number of tourists. The recent rain in Istria further alleviated the situation. Unlike other countries in Europe, we have been successfully resisting drought,” Djurokovic said.


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