PM Plenkovic: Government's reforms already yielding results

PM Plenkovic: Government's reforms already yielding results Izvor: N1

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic told Croatia's parliament on Wednesday that the reforms which his cabinet is spearheading were already paying off, yielding concrete results.

"We are aware that in some sectors results show more quickly, and in others more time is needed for them to be seen, but it is evident that the reforms we are carrying out are producing concrete results on the economic, political, and social levels," Plenkovic said while presenting the annual report on the second year of his cabinet, which took office in October 2016.

The report, which lists accomplishments by Plenkovic's government, is divided into four areas - improving the rule of law; improving the competitiveness of the economy and spurring a more even economic development among Croatia's regions; the "protection of the family" and of a tolerant and fair society; and the "stronger and safer" Croatia in Europe and in the world.

"During the second year of its term, this government ensured political and economic stability, and it continued implementing changes that make the lives of Croatians better," Plenkovic said.

"Building a more organised society and a stimulating economic environment is more important now than ever before, and reforms and committed work can help us catch up with EU countries which had joined the EU a decade before us," he said.

Plenkovic said that his government was trying to achieve economic growth based on structural changes, investments and a responsible fiscal policy.

"In other words, we must work better, invest more and manage our budget more prudently... Despite the fact that it is working in an atmosphere of pessimism and defeatism, the government aims to restore optimism through committed work and gradual transformation of society," Plenkovic told parliament.

Plenkovic said he is pleased to see that the eight MPs elected to represent ethnic minorities all support his cabinet, and that programmes for minorities are being implemented in partnership with them.

"The government is enhancing minority rights despite the fact that those rights are being increasingly questioned... Initiatives that aim to diminish minority rights are undermining the democratic standards we have achieved and the government is opposed to that " he said.

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